The town of Rutledge will be the new home of Blue Sky Electrolysis....

7283 Hwy 61

(first house on right AFTER passing County Road 39 heading south outta town.)

BLUE SKYelectrolysis

Permanent Hair Removal

Do you have unwanted facial and/or body hair? Have you tried other methods of hair removal or waxing and ended up disappointed?

Electrolysis is the ONLY way to permanently remove your unwanted facial hair and body hair.

Gone. Forever gone...any skin type, any hair type.

Set up your FREEconsultation today! Visit our Moose Lake office, serving all surrounding Minnesota areas! We'll talk and you can try electrolysis for free. I will tell you how electrolysis can change your life. Whether your unwanted hair is merely a nuisance or whether it affects your happiness, I am here to help you.

Check out our online appointment booking, and I'll see you soon!




Last day in Moose lake is Friday, December 14th

First day in Rutledge is Monday, December 17th 


We are open by appointment only...


Free to talk....Free to try