Electrolysis Pricelist

15 minutes ~ $20

20 minutes ~ $25

30 minutes ~ $40

45 minutes ~ $55

60 minutes ~ $70

Free to talk...free to try


what you can expect


Patience is key with electrolysis. It takes a series of appointments to reach permanency. There are up to 600 follicles per square inch on the areas of your body with hair! But not all 600 hairs are growing at the same time....they are all in different growth stages. They take turns growing. We have to wait for them to show themselves so we can treat them....hence the series of appointments. Our goal is that every time you come in, I will take care of every single unwanted hair you have that day, and those follicles will never grow again. Different follicles will then grow new hairs. We'll take care of those next time. When you come in for your free consultation, we'll map out exactly what we need to do to tackle your unwanted hair, and get rid of it forever. I'm excited. Are you?



Blue sky waxing

Want to try the fast track to temporary hair removal? Then waxing is your game. It's not going to be gone forever, like with electrolysis, but it will be conveniently gone for up to 6 weeks. We can wax any body part.


eyebrows - cleanup and shaping                            -$15

arms - up to shoulders                                            -$50

half back - just lower, or just upper                          -$40

full back - hairline to belt line                                   -$70

full chest - neck to belt line                                      -$70

full torso - front and back, arms                              -$150

armpits - just that.                                                    -$30

half legs - calves or thighs only                               -$50

full legs - ankles to upper thighs                              -$80

basic bikini - anything outside of undies to knee     -$40

Brazilian - waist to upper thigh...everything             -$90